MediaEval 2023

The MediaEval Multimedia Evaluation benchmark offers challenges in artificial intelligence for multimedia data. Participants address these challenges by creating algorithms for retrieval, analysis, and exploration. Solutions are systematically compared using a common evaluation procedure, making it possible to establish the state of the art and track progress. Our larger aim is to promote reproducible research that makes multimedia a positive force for society.

MediaEval goes beyond other benchmarks and data science challenges in that it also pursues a “Quest for Insight” (Q4I). With Q4I we push beyond only striving to improve evaluation scores to also working to achieve deeper understanding about the challenges. For example, properties of the data, strengths and weaknesses of particular types of approaches, and observations about the evaluation procedure.

Preliminary Task schedule

The MediaEval Coordination Committee (2023)

MediaEval is grateful for the support of ACM Special Interest Group on Multimedia