Announcing MediaEval 2021

The Multimedia Evaluation Benchmark, MediaEval, offers challenges in the form of shared tasks. The goal of MediaEval is to develop and evaluate new algorithms and technologies for multimedia analysis, access and exploration. MediaEval tasks are innovative, involving multiple modalities, (e.g., audio, visual, textual, and/or contextual) and focusing on the human and social aspects of multimedia. Our larger aim is to promote reproducible research that makes multimedia a positive force for society

MediaEval is calling for proposals for tasks to run in the 2021 benchmarking season. The proposal should describe the motivation of the task and define the specific problem that task participants are required to solve. It should provide information on the data (including source and licensing), and on how the solutions developed by task participants will be evaluated. The proposal must also include a statement of how the task is related to MediaEval (i.e., the human or social component), and how it extends the state of the art in an area related to multimedia indexing, search or other technologies that support users in accessing multimedia content and collections.

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