The Benchmarking Initiative for Multimedia Evaluation (MediaEval) offers challenges related to multimedia analysis, retrieval and exploration. MediaEval tasks involve multiple modalities, (e.g., audio, visual, textual, and/or contextual) and focus on the human and social aspects of multimedia. Our larger aim is to promote reproducible research that makes multimedia a positive force for society.

Signup for MediaEval 2023 is now open via the MediaEval 2023 registration form

Data release will start soon and continue over the next months. Runs will be due at the end of November 2023 and the annual MediaEval Workshop will be held 1-2 February 2024 co-located with the 30th International Conference on Multimedia Modeling MMM 2024. Remote participation will be possible for those who cannot travel to take part in the workshop in person.

MediaEval 2023 is offering the following tasks:

  • Medico: Medical Multimedia Task: Transparent Tracking of Spermatozoa
  • Musti: Multimodal Understanding of Smells in Texts and Images
  • NewsImages: Connecting Images and Text
  • Predicting Video Memorability
  • SportsVideo: Fine Grained Action Classification and Position Detection in Table Tennis and Swimming Videos

More detailed task descriptions are available on the MediaEval 2023 Website.