MediaEval 2022 workshop Bergen, Norway, 12-13 January 2023, is co-located with the 29th International Conference on Multimedia Modeling (MMM). Note that the registration is separate from the registration to participate in the tasks (which you previously did).

Register for the workshop here: MediaEval Workshop Registration Website.

Prices on the registration website are shown in Norwegian Kroner, NOK. Please read this announcement carefully, because it provides information about the program and also about the different categories of registration that support people with limited budget (or no budget!) to make it possible for them to present at the workshop.

There will be a welcome reception in the evening of Wednesday 11 January, and on Friday 13 January, the workshop will run the full day (i.e., until 17:30). Please plan your travel accordingly. We will have AV facilities available so it is possible to follow the workshop and make your presentation online. Please choose the “online” option when registering for the workshop.

If you are the speaker who is giving the presentation, please register as “Presenting Author”. If you are an author who is not giving the presentation or a general attendee, please use the “Regular” registration. (Prices are the same. This helps us make the program.)

“Need-based registration” is for authors and other workshop attendees who have restricted budgets and cannot afford the full price. Typically, students, retirees, or participants from countries whose currency is weak with respect to the Norwegian Kroner (NOK). Note that we count on you paying the full registration fee if you can afford it, and only choose “need-based registration” if you cannot afford it. Paying the full registration fee will make it possible for us to make sure that we can cover the budget of the workshop.

If you are a student and have problems attending the workshop because of lack of funding, please get in touch with your task organizers. There is some funding available to make it possible for students who do not have large travel budgets to attend the workshop.

If you are an author of a paper that will be presented at the MediaEval Workshop and need a visa, please register immediately for the workshop, and then contact mmm2023registration (at) googlegroups (com), stating the you registered for MediaEval and the title of your paper and providing your first name, last name, and date of birth as in your travel document (passport, for example), your postal address, paper ID, and the paper title.

Please note that you will receive a registration confirmation as soon as you register, but that it may be up to a week before you receive the official receipt (which is generated by a payment system).